Baloo missed at least three scheduled interviews so I sent his parents a list of questions to ask him. They swear these aren’t edited in any way.

I’ve had many experiences with roommates, but none better than with adventure husky Baloo @Baloointhewild who tolerated me sleeping in his room when I crashed at his parents’ home in Park City. His parents are well known photographers and athletes, Taylor Freesolo Rees @taylorfreesolo and Renan Ozturk @renan_ozturk. I told a few friends that Baloo had been my reluctant roommate and they were aghast – apparently a lot of folks follow Baloo on Instagram not just for his selfies but for his incredibly witty observations.

I became fascinated with what made Baloo tick, besides bacon, and wanted to delve more deeply into the psyche of an adventure sports junkie. So I bribed the famously standoffish pup with a new Stormy Kromer Dog Bed. It was only released this month but they too were eager to unlock the secrets of this wildly mysterious canine.

  1. How do you balance the expectations of your Instagram fans with real life responsibilities?

Unlike humans, we dogs don’t play into the social constructed realities of identity or cultural norms. So put simply, I don’t really don’t think much about fan expectations. I just give myself to the world as it happens, when it happens, because I’m a furry beast of love. Oh, and as for real life responsibilities, I keep up my daily chores of looking handsome and running like the wind. Because I was made to do these things. And that’s all I really do.

  1. I noticed you went of IG for a while. Were you pondering identity issues in both the public and private realms?

Personal growth requires incubation. A little time to slow down from producing content and creative expression in order to reflect on your deeper values and make sure it’s all in line moving forward. In my early teen years I valued making fun of my humans, and making fun of Zulu [his girlfriend – @zuluinflight]. Now that I’m well into manhood and I value contemplative poetry and more time running around without screens.

  1. You are often off leash on your adventures and sometimes take advantage of it. What’s the best adventure you’ve had without your parents?

One day not too long ago, Zulu and I explored a remote canyon in the Northern Wasatch for over 9 hours while the humans had panic attacks, searched for hours to find us, and even sent drones out to survey for our whereabouts. It’s was a real good adventure. I learned the art of how to come back to the humans completely “oblivious and unaware” of their trauma so they couldn’t possibly be mad.

  1. Your parents travel a lot for work. How do you keep from missing them?

Are you kidding me? It’s a blessing! Play with all the dogs I don’t normally see, chase my cousin Rose the Kitty at Auntie Aidan’s house. Go on big dog pack hikes. It’s amazing what the guilt of your humans will transform into. They feel so sad leaving me that they make my life a veritable Disneyland for Husky’s with outdoor activities morning to night.  I hope they leave soon I’m bored of their snuggles.

  1. People might be shocked that you like cats. What’s that about? How did you deal with the social media backlash? [this was in response to a series of videos on Baloos account where he snuggles with a tabby]

Cats and dogs can be friends. Haven’t you seen Nickelodeon? Catdog? Ren and Stimpy? Our culture needs to let go of old misperceptions of interspecies friendship. We’re all one, homie.

  1. You spent a month this year in NYC. It seems you turned a lot of heads. Any big cities in your future?

Let’s be honest. I turned a lot of heads because I looked clinically depressed and emotionally disturbed. I lost 6 lbs of lean mean muscle because I could only run so many circles in the park. Ended up in skinny jeans drinking almond milk lattes on cold wet dreary NYC February days and realized that, if I were ever going to rock a city, I’m much more an “independent science fiction film” dog than a “hard edge documentary feature film” dog. So… I’m willing to give LA a try.

  1. Your parents are famous for their adventures. Is that too much pressure for you to live up to? What are their expectations of you?

 Ya know, I used to let it get to me. I used to try to keep up with my humans and their social media shenanigans. Then I realized those are just the gears of capitalism grinding on their souls forcing them to think they have to chase some dream of creative expansion. We all know the giant media conglomerates of the world own it all. I make things for myself (like giant 6 ft holes in the yard) and don’t feel the need to document with tiny glowing screens. It’s real. Real art.

  1. What’s an ideal Sunday for you?

Wake up late, maybe 10am. Go play up the mountain. Nap on my back exposing my fur belly to the cosmos. Go back up the mountain again. This time faster, with the bicycles. Lay in the dirt. Maybe eat (not that into eating really). Stay up all night chasing squirrels in the trees in my back yard.

  1. Any predictions for your relationship with Zulu? It seems pretty serious.

I mean, things are pretty steady. It’s been over three years. She’s the cats meow. And I like cats. So she’s like the best part of a cat but in dog form. She’s a cat-like dog. I’m sorry what was the question?

  1. What’s the future of social media, in your eyes?

Marx predicted the fall of capitalism would eventually dawn on humanity once we have over extracted non-renewable resources at the expense of human rights around the world. Pretty sure Instagram will go down with those flames. Looking forward to the day.